Fes to Middle atlas day trip

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  • Fes to Middle atlas day trip

    Excursion to Middle Atlas: it is a journey to let you discover one of the most important part of the Berber "country". Beautiful landscapes, villages and towns situated higher than 1000 m of altitude. About 33 km south of the city of Fez, you can see the first Berber village named "Imouzar": a quite village inhabited by Berber farmers. Important as well, is the city of Ifrane, situated 1650 m above sea level and called the Moroccan Switzerland, an important attraction for visitors from all over the world. It is well known by its famous ski resort (Michlifen). Another important town to visit is Azrou. it is a place reflecting the pure tradition of the Berber life. Not far from the town we will find the famous Cedar Forest (National Heritage). There you will enjoy fresh air and see a variety of animals including monkeys, foxes and falcons. And, not to forget: a variety of natural beautiful lakes like "Awa ".


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